Objective 2 Better Defense

connects cybersecurity knowledge

The objective Better Defense is going to play a vital role in the next edition of the National Cyber Security Research Agenda. 

Better Defense

No system or service, however well designed, is immune to attack. As soon as they are deployed in the real world, they need to be protected by their owners, ranging from large corporations to consumers. Research on better defense needs innovations in security controls such as intrusion detection, host-based protections, network monitoring and event correlation. Beyond improving controls, better defense also requires better risk management to identify what controls to deploy for risk mitigation, when to transfer or accept risk, and how to take into account often-overlooked productivity effects of security policies. Advances are also needed in terms of new training approaches and improved usability where security controls interface with users.

Within this objective we consider all defenses typically applied after deployment.

During the event you have the opportunity to contribute to this objective with ideas, comments and opinions.

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