Objective 3 Better Governance

connects cybersecurity knowledge

The objective Better Governance is going to play a vital role in the next edition of the National Cyber Security Research Agenda. 

Better Governance
Owners of systems and services will make tradeoffs between security and other objectives. As security always comes at a cost, it is rational to tolerate some level of security failures. That being said, when owners do not suffer the consequences of such failures, their security decisions will impose cost on third parties or society at large. Here is where innovations in governance are needed to better align the economic incentives of actors with the cost and benefits of security for society as a whole. Better governance requires improvements in large-scale measurement techniques to detect vulnerabilities and security failures across markets, in identifying the economic drivers of weak or strong security practices, in providing open source intelligence, in experimentally testing and improving the effectiveness of different market designs and policy instruments, such as mandatory standards, reputation metrics, information sharing, liability assignment, and insurance.

This objective covers everything related to how the incentives of actors (in markets, states and networks) shape cybersecurity and how these incentives can be improved.

During the event you have the opportunity to contribute to this objective with ideas, comments and opinions.

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