Objective 5 More Privacy

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The objective More Privacy is going to play a vital role in the next edition of the National Cyber Security Research Agenda. 

More Privacy

In a profound sense, security is essential to guaranteeing privacy. Thus, better privacy is implied in and part of the other objectives: better design, defense, governance and attacks. However, the growing societal urgency around improving privacy means it merits its own objective. Furthermore, there are solutions that are specific to privacy. Think of innovations in cryptography around differential privacy or homomorphic encryption, in tokenization and anonymization techniques, in usability of privacy-enhancing technologies, in improving market incentives for privacy, and in measuring the effectiveness of legal and other governance mechanisms to protect privacy in the age of “surveillance capitalism”.

This objective covers all research aspects related to privacy.

During the event you have the opportunity to contribute to this objective with ideas, comments and opinions.

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