2 November New Babylon The Hague


Cooperation between governments, businesses and knowledge institutions is the key to a safer internet.
Speaking at the opening of the NCSRA Symposium 2015, the Dutch State Secretary for Security and Justice, Klaas Dijkhoff, highlights the importance of internet freedom and security. ‘Our prosperity is built on a free and safe internet. That’s why we have to be ready to repel cyber threats. And that’s why businesses, governments and knowledge institutions must work together.’

Klaas Dijkhoff, State Secretary of Security and Justice

(represented by Dick Schoof, National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism)

Dutch Cyber Security Council (CSR)
During the opening chairman of the Cyber Security Council (CSR), Eelco Blok, will present the first official CSR advice about ‘Cyber Security in Education and in Business’ to the state secretary of the ministry of Security and Justice. In a later stage this advice will be presented to the state secretary of the ministry of Education, Culture and Science too. The ministry of Security and Justice is the responsible department for Cyber Security in a broad sense. The Cyber Security Council is a public-private council advising the Dutch Cabinet about strategic subjects. In the advice the CSR asks more attention for cyber security in primary education, more transparency in ICT-and security education in order to respond better to what organisations need.

Eelco Blok, CEO KPN