Possible PhD student exchange

December 1, 2017

NCSC is investigating the possibility of financing the exchange of PhD students between the Netherlands (NL) and the United States of America (USA). Before we proceed with the allocation of funds and formalization of the (legal) process, we would like to know which Dutch parties are interested in such an opportunity.


  • The exchange is limited to academic institutions, such as universities in NL or USA.
  • A PhD student from NL will travel to an academic partner in the USA.
  • This partner will, in exchange, send a PhD student to the partner in NL.
  • The period of exchange will range between 1-3 months, depending on agreements and funding.
  • The exchange is focused on, but not limited to, joint NL-USA research projects.
  • The travel and accommodation costs will be covered by NCSC up to 5.000 euro per student.
  • Additional costs such as food, workspace, etc. are excluded from these funds.


If your organization is interested in participating in such an exchange, please indicate so by sending an email to research@ncsc.nl. If there appears to be sufficient interest in this proposal, we will proceed with the financial and legal arrangements. Once these arrangements have been made, we will inform the community through Dcypher communication channels, including this mailinglist.