Practice Based Cyber Security Curricula (UoAS)

Practice Based Cyber Security Curricula at Dutch Universities of Applied Science
Since seven years Dutch Universities of Applied Science have been providing full-fledged cyber security curricula in roughly three domains: securing public sector, and securing private sector both preventatively  and by ways of incident response, and forensic methods to understand and document cyber breaches and illicit activities. In the first part session panel members explain how public and private partner research collaboration has helped establish the varied course offerings. In the second part fueled by examples of current practice based research programs and plans panel members and audience will discuss future directions for collaboration in education and research.

11.15 Welcome

11.20 Panel debate


12.30 Knowledge market/networktime/lunch

Chaired by Peter van der Wijden
Peter van der Wijden is a lecturer in IT at Leiden University of Applied Sciences and   member of the HBO-I Education Quality Platform. Since 2009 he has supervised (research) collaboration with private and public partners to integrate practice into the IT curriculum. These partnerships helped Van der Wijden and colleague Jos Griffioen to establish the Leiden  IT Forensics curriculum which is now in its sixth year.