Pre-announcement 2017 Cyber Security programs of NWO

October 14, 2016

On October 14th NWO has announced the plans for the launch of three new Cyber Security research programs in 2017. The three calls are the third National call for Cyber Security Research, the joint NWO-DHS research call, and the ‘Scientist on the Job’ call.

The national call will be launched in the first quarter of 2017. This call will be funded by NWO and the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA. The call will invite consortia of researchers and public and private partners to apply a joint research application. Researchers are asked to seek active cooperation with private and public partners. New in this call is the cooperation between NWO and the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA, and thereby creating the possibility to apply for additional funding in order to cooperate with a university of applied sciences.

The Joint NWO – DHS call for Cyber Security will aim at funding joint research proposed by Dutch and US Cyber Security researchers. This call will be launched in 2017 and will be jointly funded by NWO, the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC)and the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The third instrument announced by NWO is the new ‘Scientist on the Job’ program. ‘Scientist on the Job’ allows young scientists to be embedded in an organisation for a period of time In order to jointly work on research questions and gain insight in the motives and incentives of the organization.

More information about the three instruments will be announced at the NWO website at the time of the opening of these calls in 2017.

During the event, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the NCSC have also announced new research- and funding possibilities for Cyber Security research. The RVO announced their third tender of the Small Business and Innovation Research (SBIR) on Cyber Security, which was opened on the 14th of October. More information in the SBIR can be found on the website of the RVO. The NCSC announced that it has come to an agreement with DHS to allow Dutch researchers on  the DHS Information Marketplace for Policy and Analysis of Cyber-Trust (IMPACT). IMPACT is an online data repository hosted by DHS that allows researchers and companies to exchange datasets Cyber Security for testing and research purposes. Application for access can be requested on the IMPACT website. All Dutch applications will be assessed by the NCSC before access is granted. More information on IMPACT can be found on the IMPACT website.

For an impression of the Seaside Matchmaking Cyber Security event 2016 you are referred to the dcypher website.


Matchmaking on Stage #SMMCS2016* *photo: Sjoerd van der Hucht