QIS - Qualification system for cyber security professionals

The public-private partnership QIS (PPP QIS: Qualification of Information Security professionals) started in September 2013 at the initiative of the professional association PvIB (Platform for Cyber Security) to develop a qualification system for professionals. The reason for this was the enormous flight that the field is making socially, economically and substantively due to the increased digitization. More and well-trained professionals can make an important contribution to solving the issues that arise from it. Despite the multitude of (mostly international) certificates, there is no clear picture of the professional competence of the cybersecurity professional. The lack of a clear frame of reference reinforces the uncertainty about the significance of these certificates.

The PPP QIS has developed a uniform, unambiguous and transparent certification system based on the six PvIB professional profiles, and can be applied in all sectors of society. The certification system is the instrument for measuring a recognized and recognizable level of professional competence that is consistent with the daily professional practice of cyber security professionals in the Netherlands. The certification system has been set up in accordance with the structure that many other professions apply for this. It contains the requirements for independently assessing professional competence and keeping knowledge and skills up-to-date (Continuous Professional Development) and is in line with the European standard for ICT competencies (e-CF, EN-16234 ) and the international standards for personal certification (ISO-17024) and information security management (ISO-27000 series). The certification system can reinforce the influx into the field of young and well-trained talent, the side influx of experts from related disciplines and the development, growth and retention of knowledge, skills and experience. The specifications of the professional profiles can be the basis for educational institutions for Secondary Vocational Education, Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities to develop training profiles with learning objectives and continuous learning lines with career perspectives in the field.

dcypher provides input and has been closely involved in the development of QIS for several years.




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