June 5th 2018 dcypher released the third version of the National Cyber ​​Security Research Agenda (NCSRA-III). Before dcypher started in April 2016, the Dutch ICT Innovation Platform Security and Privacy "Veilig Verbonden" was responsible for the coordination and the publication of previous versions of the National Cyber Security Research Agenda (NCSRA). These agendas are the framework for cybersecurity research in the Netherlands.

A lot of cyber security research is still ongoing and/ or completed, including several rounds in international cooperation and some successful contributions from Dutch soil to European cyber security research calls.

National cyber security research is carried out in the context of various national agendas and roadmaps, like:

NB Click here for information about the NWO Cybersecurity Call 2018 

Photo made during launch of NCSRA-III by Sjoerd van der Hucht with (ltr) Frank Franssen, Michel van Eeten, Luca Allodi, Herbert Bos, Mark Bressers and Jan Piet Barthel.