Project leader: dr. B. Crispo, VU (1 January 2007 till 1 January 2011)

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The project S-Mobile focuses on the security of mobile communication equipment. Examples are smartphones, PDAs, RFIDs et cetera. Such mobile communication equipment mostly contains confidential information, such as personal details. Some applications must be able to use a part of this information without sending the information itself. S-Mobile is looking for ways to issue licences for each application stating which information that specific application may or may not disseminate. Such a licence must be understood by the different equipment and parties involved (users, operators, developers, et cetera). Ultimately the network operator and the user must be able to indicate what an application may and may not do.

Project results

Both theoretical and practical progress was achieved in the project. The project has resulted in two new solutions:

1. A new theoretical framework that can protect classified information.

2. A smartphone platform for Android and Crepedroid that allows the smartphone to be expanded with context. The platform can define and strengthen security policy for this context in a dynamic manner. The software for Crepedroid smartphones is available via the web.


Follow-up activities

A proposal for the Cyber Security call is being worked on

Universities and partners involved

  •     Technical University Eindhoven
  •     VU University Amsterdam
  •     Philips
  •     TNO ICT