Safety & Security at Digital Society Conference

November 28, 2018

We are living in a digital society, in which every aspect of our lives is profoundly being affected by the digitalisation of data: how we communicate and socialise; how we work, learn, stay healthy and participate in politics and the economy. A special e-zine is published at the same day that the Dutch universities hold the first Digital Society Conference (27 November 2018). It is still early days as DiSa (DIgitale SAmenleving – Digital Society in Dutch) only started in the spring of 2018, and new researchers are just beginning to take up their posts. DiSa is a joint venture of the fourteen Dutch universities, each of which is investing in one or more of the seven programme lines. It is also an experiment as the VSNU has never before stimulated the universities to work together on a collaborative research agenda.

Safety & Security 

Digital technology provides opportunities and challenges for human and data safety. War, peacekeeping and law enforcement will increasingly involve all sorts of data connections; government surveillance should balance reducing threats with preserving privacy and other civil liberties. Public and private organizations storing personal data require better protection against data intrusions. Vital institutions’ data require more robust shielding from saboteurs. Reliable, secure, high-capacity, energy-efficient data transfer and storage technologies are urgently needed. These and related societal challenges are addressed in programme line Safety & Security. or watch the video of Prof. Herbert Bos