Sentinels is a Dutch research program (2004-2014) on security in ICT, networks and information systems. The Sentinels program gave a significant boost to security expertise in the Netherlands by providing and managing resources for scientific research in information security, by building a national IT-security community. Sentinels was financed by three Dutch organizations the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and the Technology Foundation STW. The third (and last) call was a combined call of the Sentinels program and ICTRegie, former agency for ICT- research and –innovation (currently represented by the ICT Innovatie Platform  ‘Security and Privacy" (IIPVV).

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The Sentinels Board members were: 

  • Prof.dr. W. Jonker, Philips Research Laboratories & University of Twente (chairman)
  • Dr. W. Segeth, Technology Foundation STW (secretariat)
  • Prof.dr. B.P.F. Jacobs, Radboud University Nijmegen
  • P. de Jager, TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie