Symposium 2017 Opening/ Keynotes

connects cybersecurity knowledge

09:15 Introduction 
Chris van 't Hof, Chair

09:20 Opening Speech
Maarten Camps, Secretary General, Ministry Economical Affairs

09:30 Cybersecurity duty of care – what applies now, what is coming, what research is still needed? Lokke Moerel (TILT/MOFO)

This key-note session will address:

  • The existing rules applying to the IoT context (rules regarding sale of goods, product liability, consumer rights, unfair commercial practices, and tort law)  
  • Reasons why the existing rules are increasingly difficult to enforce
  • Gaps in legal protection
  • Diversity among legal frameworks of EU Member States related to cybersecurity and why this matters
  • Attempts of the European Commission to address in a uniform and harmonized way the gaps in protection, the legal fragmentation and resulting uncertainty
  • Recommended next steps


10:00 The Future of Security and Privacy

Prof.dr. Bart Preneel, (KU Leuven) 

The digital society is developing rapidly and is changing how we work and live. Technology induces major changes in the power structure of society: the relations between citizens, companies and government are being transformed. We discuss the implications of these developments on the research challenges in security and privacy.

10:30 Introduction of student reporters 

Chris van 't Hof, Chair