Symposium 2019 Closure

dcypher Symposium 2019 connecting cybersecurity knowledge – enterprises - policies

15:30 Introduction
Chris van 't Hof, Chair    

15:35 Measuring the ups and downs of cybercrime
dr. Richard Clayton (University of Cambridge)
We recently revisited our highly cited 2012 paper on "Counting the cost of Cybercrime" and found that in seven years the world has seen huge changes with the rise of mobile and "the cloud", but the overall pattern of cybercrime is remarkably little changed. Naturally there are new cybercrimes to worry about including ransomware and Business Email Compromise (and old crimes that have almost disappeared). But we haven't changed the fundamentals, such as how much we spend on policing, and so the lack of change should hardly be surprising. However, the police may be getting a little smarter in what they will do -- I will show how we have been able to measure the impact of police actions on Denial of Service attacks and how a low cost investment has had a significant impact on criminal behaviour.

16:10 Panel "Is our digital sovereignty at stake?" 
led by prof. Willem Jonker  (University of Twente) 
A high-quality, autonomous knowledge position must prevent excessive dependence on cyber security expertise and cyber security solutions from other countries or continents. But what does that actually imply?

16:45 Handing over of the booklet US-NL cooperation in cybersecurity research
Jan Piet Barthel hands over the first edition of the booklet US-NL cooperation in cybersecurity research to Jeremy Epstein, National Science Foundation (NSF), Wim Hafkamp, National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) and Arian Steenbruggen, Dutch Research Council (NWO).

16.55 Closing Remarks
Jan Piet Barthel

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