Tek Tok Lab

Tek Tok Lab, a new format of the talkshow Tek Tok late night

Knowledge on cyber security is developing at a rapit pace and for a large part outside the official research agenda’s and institutions. Tek Tok Lab, a new format of the talkshow Tek Tok late night, will talk to researchers who perform their work in small companies, foundations or just on their own - because that’s where most of the challenging new ideas come from. Off course, there will be ethical hackers on the program too.

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Listen to the presentations @http://www.tektok.nl/ttr1.html

Speakers are (a.o.):


Chaired by Chris van 't Hof
Chris van ‘t Hof, Talkshow host at Tek Tok late night, internet researcher and writer of a book on ethical hacking. Before Van ‘t Hof was senior researcher at the Rathenau Institute, the Dutch office of Technology Assessment, that analyses societal, legal and ethical issues arizing from technological developments. Rathenaus audience consists the Dutch and European Parliament and the broader public. As a researcher Chris mainly focus on ICT issues, such as RFID, network convergency and virtual worlds. Chris also chaired the Tagology Foundation, that develops a new communication system based on matrix codes as images. The system is open source, free and fun to use.