Triumphs in transatlantic cooperation

December 3, 2019

During the dcypher Symposium on 3 December 2019, Jan Piet Barthel presented the publication "US-NL cooperation in cyber security research" to Jeremy Epstein of the National Science Foundation (NSF), Christiane Klöditz of the Dutch Research Council (NWO), and Wim Hafkamp of the Ministry of Justice and Security. Together they represent three of the four organizations that fund research projects resulting from the collaboration. The fourth organization, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), unfortunately had to fail. The booklet describes five out of thirteen joint research projects that have been awarded funding in recent years in the context of a treaty on bilateral research cooperation between the Netherlands and the United States and a cooperation agreement between NSF and NWO. The scientists involved talk about the added value of working with colleagues on the other side of the Atlantic. 'Cyber security does not adhere to national borders. We should therefore not limit ourselves to these geographical borders in the investigation of this subject." The added value lies precisely in the different perspectives such as (political) culture, standards, etc., that make this collaboration so fruitful.

Read the booklet US-NL cooperation in cyber security research online

Booklet US-NL From left to right: Jeremy Epstein (NSF), Christiane Kloditz (NWO), Wim Hafkamp (NCSC) and Jan Piet Barthel (dcypher)