Universiteit Leiden

Top five research themes (maximum): 

  1. Algebra & Number Theory
  2. Arithmetic Geometry
  3. Algorithmic Algebraic Number Theory
  4. Applications to Cryptanalysis
  5. Elliptic Curve Cryptography

(Inter)national opportunities for cyber security research: 
number theoretical cryptographic systems, such as RSA, lattice-based- and elliptic-curve cryptosystems. Both cryptanalysis and constructive algorithmic aspects.

Any other comment about the role of Dutch CS research worthwhile mentioning to the international audience: 
Leiden has a leading international research position in algebra & number theory as well as in its applications to cryptology.

Education possibilities:

Cybersecurity Keywords:
LLL lattice-basis-reduction algorithm, elliptic curve factorization algorithm, primality tests, number field sieve, standard models for finite fields, elliptic curve generation algorithm.


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