Project leader: prof. dr. Roel Wieringa, UT (1 May 2007 till 1 August 2011)

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Companies often collaborate in networks in which information is stored locally as opposed to centrally. The various companies in the network often have different security measures. Companies manage this uncertainty by means of risk management. This project will help in this area: it will provide guidelines and indicators so that the effectiveness of security measures can be assessed. It will also render the costs and benefits of such measures visible.

Project results

Various case studies were carried out at the participating companies. This led, for example, to a model for a systematic assessment and analysis of the risks of breaching confidence and of disclosing confidential information to unauthorised persons. In addition to this a system was worked on that unites the different IT architectures used by the various partners in a collaborative project. How do the security risks differ from each other and what are the consequences if two different IT systems must collaborate to exchange data?

Follow-up activities

The PhD student involved in the project is continuing the research within a postdoc appointment at the University of Twente.

Universities and partners involved

  •     University Twente
  •     Akzo Nobel
  •     Corus
  •     DSM
  •     Hoffman bedrijfsrecherche
  •     Philips