Wanted: Researchers Without Borders

Cyber Security is often described as a topic that knows no borders; a global issue that requires a cross-border approach. This is definitely true for research and innovation.

As an internationally focused country, The Netherlands is uniquely positioned to contribute to and benefit from the international opportunities that arise in the field of cyber security research. This track will showcase experiences, current collaborative research, oppertunities and lessons learned in cross-border research projects, both from Dutch researchers and from international researchers that have worked with the Dutch research community.

12.30 Welcome

13.40  PREDICT, the Protected Repository for the Defense of Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats

          Doug Maughan, Division Director US Dept. of Homeland Security

Sponsored by the US Department of Homeland Security, PREDICT is a data repository and trusted framework for sharing data for cyber security research. PREDICT provides researchers with regularly updated network operations data they can use in their cyber security research. This repository directly addresses an acknowledged need by offering large-scale, real-world security-related datasets to the research community. www.predict.org

14.00 Research collaboration in South East Asia

          Peter van Hooft, TNO

In 2013 TNO opened its Singapore office as a regional hub for South East Asia. In this region, TNO focusses on research and development and contract research in the Defence, Safety and Security domain. With the Singapore office we are working in close interaction with local parties, and to support and expand our long-term relations with companies and universities in Singapore and the South East Asia region (ASEAN countries). Our current focus in the region is the Defence, Safety and Security however we are also expanding into to other core markets of TNO such as Healthy Living, Critical Infrastructure Security and Mobility

14:20 An collaborative approach toward malware analysis

         Victor van der Veen, PhD candidate,System and Network Security Group, VU

This talk will focus on the collaborative research towards malware analysis. Thanks to a research effort that involves multiple universities in Europe and the US, we were able to develop an advanced analysis platform. Drawing on expertise, code bases and datasets from the partners involved, we developed a solution for dynamic analysis of Android apps.  We  will present how the different parties contributed and then zoom in on a core component of the system, called TraceDroid. TraceDroid is a scalable, automated framework for dynamic analysis of Android apps to detect suspicious, possibly malicious apps using a comprehensive method tracing scheme.


          Marije Wassenaar, Manager Computer Science NWO

Short announcement of the CHIST-ERA Call 2015 “for Research Proposals Supporting the topics of User-Centric Security, Privacy and Trust in the Internet of Things”.  For more information: www.chistera.eu The deadline for the call is January 13th.

14.45 Knowledge market/networktime/tea

Chaired by Eelco Stofbergen

Per November 1st 2015 Eelco Stofbergen is Director Cyber Security at CGI. In this role he leads the development of innovative services and solutions in the field of Cyber Security for CGI, a global IT solution provider. Before joining CGI, Eelco was Manager Expertise & Advisory at the Dutch National Cyber Security Center. He was responsible for research, threat analysis, expertise development and advisory services in the field of cyber security. Eelco holds an MSc in Econometrics and is a guest lecturer on cyber security for various educational programmes.

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