Whats next?!




Innovation lives with Justice and Security. With virtual reality, see and hear what a witness experiences, enter live tracks with an app at a crime scene, and faster case law by the consultation judge. The question is: What's Next ?! How do you see innovation in the field of justice and security? What opportunities are there for your organization? And how can your organization bring innovation to JenV a step further?

BRING INNOVATION A STEP FURTHER Talk about the innovation of the future during the Innovation Congress on Tuesday, November 20 in the WTC Rotterdam. Discuss with colleagues from knowledge institutions, companies, startups and governments and produce surprising new insights. Explain new connections and discover in which unique ways JenV collaborates on the innovations of tomorrow with professionals from knowledge institutions, inventive companies and startups.

SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND ACCELERATE INNOVATION And if you are there anyway: Get to the altitude during interactive breakout sessions, short debates and experience innovation in its purest form in the Innovation Room. Be amazed by groundbreaking innovations in the field of justice and security. Share your knowledge and accelerate innovation. Or bring innovations one step further with your creativity and healthy dose of entrepreneurship. Surprise us with your ideas.

WHAT'S NEXT ?! BEGINS NOW • You will receive the official invitation in September, but already reserve your November 20 in your diary • Spread this announcement among colleagues and partners: from creative thinkers to enthusiastic doers and from healthy skeptics to pragmatic pioneers