InnoValor wins Accenture Innovation Award

8 november 2016

Friday October 28th, InnoValor won the Accenture Innovation Award 2016 in the category Safe & Secure Society with its software product ReadID. The jury was impressed by how simple ReadID makes it to use the advanced technology to read NFC chips in identity documents/. ReadID brings identity verification within read of a large audience, helping to prevent identity theft.

ReadID allows to read and verify the contactless RFID-chips of passports and other identity documents/, using a smartphone with Near Field Communication. It supports online document identity checks in a cost-efficient, safe and user friendly way. By doing so, it allows companies and governmental agencies to prevent fraud and check the identity of people where and when needed and allowed. On behalf of the jury, Jaya Baloo (Chief Information Security Office of KPN) stated that the fact that ReadID can tremendously help reduce fraud in the very near future was an important reason to grant the award.

“This award recognizes the innovative power of our software”, according to Maarten Wegdam, managing partner of InnoValor, responsible fort he development of ReadID. “Knowing who you are actually dealing with is a crucial asset in the modern digital world. ReadID brings the possibility of reducing fraud to a large audience.”

This award recognizes the innovative power of our software.

ReadID can be applied in banking and insurance in customer enrollment. It can be used in governmental agencies and municipalities when people have to identify themselves. Dutch Police has implemented the ReadID software in the mobile phones of their officers. We see great possibilities for ReadID in internet platforms such as AirBnb and Uber, where it is of vital importance to know who you rent a room to, or who actually drives you to your destination.

The Accenture Innovation awards are an innovation programme for the most innovative Dutch products, services and concepts. With the innovation awards Accenture gives the companies the recognition they deserve. The award ceremony took place last Friday, in Utrecht, for the tenth time.

For more information please contact Maarten Wegdam of InnoValor, +316 51993485.