Next PI.lab event


As governmental organisations and businesses rely more and more on data, the relationships and tensions between the data-reality and the physical-reality become quintessential. Both may diverge, while the data-reality increasingly determines who we are, what our options are and how we are perceived by others. But what is true, who determines that and what are the consequences of the fact that relationships are constantly mediated? Computer says no, but why? Should you be able to erase your past using the right to be forgotten, or is that falsifying history? And can you escape your own profile when the police, tax authorities, insurers and banks alike use statistical correlations and probabilistic predictions to organise their conduct?  

These are the questions that will be central to our next PI.lab event.

As guest of honour, Rein Jelle Terpstra will give a presentation on his work as a photographer. In his work, he constantly challenges the role of the medium itself, its impact on memory and perception and the relationship between the photographer and the photographed. In his work, , Terpstra asks how much of what we see is determined by how we look, and to what extent our knowledge and imagination influence what we see. His project Retracing is a wider investigation into perception, memory, photography, and the absence of image, as is his project After Images.And in his most recent project, he turns the camera, from the life event everyone is watching, to the audience.

From PI.lab, we have two speakers confirmed. Sascha van Schendel is an expert in profiling in criminal law. She was asked by the Scientific Council for Government Policy to help materialise an advice for the Dutch Government on the regulation of Big Data She will discuss her research on profiling, the current regulatory challenges and the developments that lie ahead. Paulan Korenhof is finishing a large project in which she explores how the socio-technological constitution of online information sources affects the presence and content of our personal information. She is an expert, among others, on the right to be forgotten under the General Data Protection Regulation. 

  • When? 26 April from 12.30-17.30 (lunch included)
  • Where? Utrecht city centre (location TBA)
  • What do I need to do to join? Easy, send an e-mail to and show up; no costs involved.