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Cyber Threat Intelligence 2018 - CTI (Belgie)

18 januari 2018

IBM Client Innovation Center in Brussels

This annual event organized by LSEC and its members, and hosted by IBM Client Innovation Center Brussels aims to unite stakeholders in the areas of cyber threat intelligence, situational awareness, information sharing & critical infrastructure protection. To facilitate and ensure open discussions (Chatham House Rules), attendance is restricted to cyber security professionals, enterprise incident management, CERT and CSIRT-teams, LSEC Core and Individual Expert Members (information security experts and researchers and academic personnel). Participants of ISACs (Sharing Information Sharing and Analysis Centers), CISO's and security experts representing Critical Infrastructure and Vital Sectors, or Governmental institutions or operators are welcome.

2018 Topics:

• Cross- company Intel Sharing, practical and cultural challenges & solutions
• From Cyber Threat Intelligence to Situational Awareness
• CTI in practice, platforms and use cases
• Open Standards and platforms For Threat & Malware Information Sharing
• Cyber Threat Intelligence Maturity Model – Building the right capabilities
• Orchestrating and automating incident response processes

Invited Keynotes & Speakers:

• Wim Hafkamp, Chief Information Security Officer at Rabobank [confirmed]
• Freddy Dezeure, Senior Advisor in cyber security and cyber risk management, former Head of CERT.EU [confirmed]
• Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO of LSEC and Partner in the ACDC Project [Confirmed]
• Resilient Systems [confirmed]
• Gerard Wagener from CIRCL [Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg] and team member MISP Project [confirmed]
• Paul Patrick, Chief Architect Global Services & Intelligence at FireEye and lead OpenC2 Project
• David van Damme from McAfee - DXL in relation to STIX JSON [confirmed]
• Stephane Lenco from Airbus CERT, Frederic Julhes from Airbus CyberSecurity
• Dr Tilman Frosch, CEO of G DATA Advanced Analytics [Confirmed]
• Gerard Gaudin, Founder and Chairman ISG ISI (Information Security Indicators) at ETSI
• Joep Gommers, Founder at EclecticIQ
• Giorgo Cusmalorenzo, Head of Information Security and Business Continuity Governance at Intesa; and Chair of the ECSO Financial Services WG

Level of Expertise: Advanced

• Enterprise CISO’s / Security Managers
• Critical Infrastructure
• NIS Directive "Significant Market Operators"
- cloud & data center operators
- internet and telecom services providers
• Government / CERTS / CSIRTs
• ISAC Members
• LSEC Core Expert Members: CTI - Experts from Industry and Academia


Participation to this event is free of charge upon prior confirmation via the registration page; with a special thanks to LSEC Member and host of the day, IBM Security for making this event possible Participants interested in the handouts and presentations of the day will be charged a minor fee (121 €) to accommodate for the handling costs and taxes.

Please note that we aim to deliver an outstanding event, allow the different stakeholders to connect and discuss this topic in- depth and in an open environment. This applies not only to the speakers but also to the audience. In the light of this, we ask for your sympathy to maintain the right to reschedule participants. We will do this for instance based upon the background of the registrants, the right mix of the audience, and (in case of overbooking) the number of people enrolled per each organization.