Kindred Spirits

Project leader Prof. dr. ir. R.L. Lagendijk, TUd (1 December 2009 till 1 December 2012)

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Kindred Spirits focuses on improving privacy in online social networks of kindred spirits. Online social networks exist in a wide range of areas: from dating sites and cookery clubs to medical fora. To find kindred spirits, these networks use large quantities of personal data. Users, however, have little insight into how their privacy is safeguarded.
Within the Kindred Spirits project an effort has been made to solve a number of privacy issues in order to contribute to more reliable, safer and transparent networks in which users can move with greater self confidence. The ambition of the project is to produce a matching network protocol that enables kindred spirits to meet each other, form a group and eventually to leave this again, all with a maximum security of data.

Project results

During the duration of the project the focus shifted towards the making of recommendations based on anonymous data. A protocol was developed that transmits information from a client in an encoded form to the provider, seeks related (also encoded) information there and then sends this back in an encoded form to the client. The encoding is only lifted when the information reaches the client. This protocol was applied in two case studies; for set-top boxes for pay TV and for well-being recommenders based on medical data.

Follow-up activities

The medical application of this project has received a follow-up within the Trusted Healthcare and Services branch of the COMMIT programme. Efforts are being made to realise follow-up activities in the EU’s FP7 and FP8 (Horizon2020) programmes and in NWO’s Cyber Security call.


Universities and partners involved

  •     Technical University Delft
  •     University Twente
  •     Irdeto
  •     Philips
  •     TNO
  •     PAIQ
  •     Bureau Promotie Podiumkunsten
  •     Buurtlink
  •     Waag Society