Project leader Dr. ir. Raymond Veldhuis, UT (1 August 2005 till 1 August 2009)

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Within ProBiTe researchers are working on the integration of biometric identification, such as fingerprint recognition and iris scans, in security systems. For example, being able to use your fingerprint to gain access to the house network in which DVD players, computers and televisions are linked together. Templates used for the recognition must also be protected against abuse. How do you ensure that the stored templates contain no information about the fingerprints? And how do you make the recognition as reliable as possible?

Project results

Research has been done into how you can make protected fingerprint templates that contain no information about the fingerprint. Making such templates requires a new representation of the fingerprint that is robust, can make a clear distinction between prints from different people and has a fixed length. This last aspect is not the case for existing representations. The template file must also be protected against noise and must be able to recognise the variation in different prints from the same person. In addition to this, an initial design was made for a fingerprint recognition system that makes use of the results mentioned. The template protection was developed in cooperation with Philips Research and was found to work very well. A patent has been requested and Philips has set up a spin-off company priv-ID Biometrics, which offers identity security technology based on the results of this project.

Follow-up activities

Within priv ID, now called GenKey, the technology is being developed further. In addition to this there were and are several joint projects of the University of Twente and Philips in this area: 3DFace and TURBINE at an European level, SecureGrip funded by Technology Foundation STW and the IOP-GenCom project BASIS.

Universities and partners involved

  •     University Twente
  •     Philips Research