13 PhD positions on Privacy & Usability (EU)

20 januari 2016

We are happy to announce the availability of 13 PhD positions with a duration of 36 months within the EU Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network Privacy & Usability (MSCA ITN Privacy & Us, project 675730).

*** Important dates and facts ***
. Application Deadline: 20th March 2016
. Starting Date (Strict): 1st August 2016 . Applications collected and processed by each institution, see https://privacyus.eu/

Consortium (Host Organizations of the ESRs) . Karlstad University (KAU, Sweden) – Coordinator . Goethe Universität Frankfurt (GUF, Germany) . Tel Aviv University (TAU, Israel) . Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (ULD, Germany) . Uniscon Universal Identity Control GmbH (UNI, Germany) . University College London (UCL, UK) . Usecon Usability Consultants GmbH (USE, Austria) . CRONTO Limited/Vasco (VA, UK) . Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU, Austria)

*** Partner Organizations ***
. The Austrian Data Protection Authority (DSB, Austria) . Preslmayr Rechtsanwälte OG (PRE, Austria) . Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen (FAU, Germany) . University of Bonn (UBO, Germany) . Bavarian Data Protection Authority (LDA, Germany) . EveryWare Technologies (EWT, Italy) . Sentor MSS AB (STR, Sweden)

*** Eligibility ***
. Not resided for more than 12 months between Aug 2013 and Aug 2016 in the host organization's country . Obtained the degree entitling them to enroll for a PhD program after Aug
. Demonstrate high ability to understand and express themselves very well in both written and spoken English

*** Secondments ***
All positions involve secondments (i.e., internships) of 8-10 months to other host organizations or partners, aimed to broaden the students' training and enrich their skills and experiences.

*** Salary & Benefits ***
. Attractive monthly salary (specific amount depending on the hosting
. Competitive financial support including monthly living and mobility allowance . 500 EUR/month family allowance (when applicable) . Coverage of expenses related to the participation in the secondments, research, and training activities

*** The Positions ***
1. Privacy Indicators in Smartphone Ecosystems (GUF) 2. Usable Transparency (KAU) 3. Measuring and Manipulating Privacy-related Attitudes and Behaviors (KAU) 4. Modeling Responses to Privacy-related Indications (TAU) 5. Informed Consent in Privacy: Functionality, Usability, and Legality (TAU) 6. Usable Privacy in the Internet of Things and Smart Spaces (ULD) 7. User Acceptance of the Sealed Cloud Concept (UNI) 8. Adaptive Data Privacy for Smart Environments (UNI) 9. Privacy-Preserving Personal Genomic Testing (UCL) 10. Privacy of Personal Health Data (UCL) 11. Privacy and Security in Commercial Transactions and Interactions (USE) 12. Privacy-preserving Transaction Authentication for Mobile Devices (VA) 13. Psychological Ownership of Personal Data (WU)

*** Project Website ***

With questions, please email: e.decristofaro@ucl.ac.uk