First Cyber Security Spring Event

13 juni 2016

Cybersecurity students gathered in Utrecht at the 8th of June and followed a full day about cybersecurity information from “the real world”  offered by KPMG. Zeki Erkins (TUD), Andreas Peter (UT) and Nicola Zannone (TUe) took the initiative for this first Cyber Security Spring Event. Their purpose is that students from different universities and different faculties within universities get together and get to know each other better in order to form a tied (multidisciplinary) cyber security academic community. The idea is that these meetings contribute to knowledge and improve cooperation in e.g. future cybersecurity research and education.

Mathieu Paques (presenting on the photo) started with many anecdotes from real-world assignments at large organizations and told security in large organizations is more a question of applied psychology than it is of technical achievements. Max Hovens & Rick van Galen, two out of ten KPMG's elite hackers in The Netherlands showed the newest approaches for organizations take to enhance their cyber security. Then the students were devided into (mixed) groups and played an intensive crisis management game. At the end of the day Ton Diemont, former CISO of ING, explained what matters (and doesn't matter) when talking about cyber security with CEOs and CFOs.

Afterwards students responded enthusiastic to the program and  the opportunity to meet peers in cybersecurity of other universities. More meetings like these in the future to come!

The event was organized in a cooperation between 3TU, NIRICT, KPMG, NWO en dcypher

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