Partnerships in Education

dcypher Symposium 2019 connecting cybersecurity knowledge – enterprises - policies

Time: 11:30 – 12:45 
Room: Spark (110) 
Language: Dutch
Chaired by Olaf Streutker

Presentations and discussion
In this session will be investigated what we can learn of good practices from universities of applied sciences and employers that stimulate growth and quality of the cybersecurity workforce. 

Worldwide there is an ever growing quantitative and qualitative shortage of cybersecurity professionals caused by increasing digitalisation of society and economy. The relation between educational routes, the competences to be acquired, the functions and possible career paths are diffuse that causes that both professionals and organisations are affected by the disadvantages. It may mean that too often the right man or woman ends up in the wrong place and vice versa. It leads to inefficient and ineffective learning and career paths.

dcypher developes the Agenda for Higher Education Cybersecurity to improve the workforce for cybersecurity experts and other professionals in The Netherlands, together with institutes for higher education, public- and private organisations. The fast development of the workfield of cybersecurity urges a continuous actualisation of knowledge and (hard & soft) skills. Also there is a lack of well trained teachers.

Objectives of the Agenda are:

  1. Enhancing attractiveness and professional competence
  2. Strengthen cyber security education
  3. Strengthen cybersecurity knowledge and skills within sectors

What can be done to create a win-win situation for higher education and employers? Is cooperation ‘the golden bullet’? What are other means to  find solutions for higher education and employers?

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