hardware.io event The Hague, Sept. 23-27


Hardpwn is 1st of its like, where companies are willing to give their device for a like hardware hacking contest. Google, Nest, Noke and few more companies have signed up to test their devices by a pool of hardware security researchers. 

Date: 23-27 Sept 2019

Venue: NH Hotel, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Keynote Speakers: John Walker & Trammel Hudson 

Speakers: https://hardwear.io/netherlands-2019/speakers.php

Trainings: https://hardwear.io/netherlands-2019/training.php

  •                   TEE Offensive Core, 
  •                   Practical Car Hacking, 
  •                   Embedded Physical Attacks 101, 
  •                   Low-Level Hardware Reversing, 
  •                   IC Reverse Engineering & Code Dump,
  •                   Tiny Embedded Systems Firmware Reverse Engineering & Exploitation 
  •                   Machine Learning and SCA: Advanced Tutorial

Workshops: Enter FACT: Boost your firmware security analysis with automation, visualization, and cross referencing
                     How to Build & Secure a RISC-V Embedded System


HardPwn & Hardwear.io CTF Contest -> https://hardwear.io/netherlands-2019/hardpwn.php