Universiteit van Amsterdam

Funded Cybersecurity Higher Education

Graduated students have knowledge of:

  • security issues in system-level software including weaknesses and defenses;
  • static and dynamic analysis techniques for software (benign and malicious) ;
  • modern scalable computer and network architecture;
  • secure software development for modern, highly parallel computer systems

Top five research themes (maximum): 

  1. Security of data in distributed processing environments (e.g. Health Records exchange)
  2. Digital forensics and visual analytics (e.g. fighting child abuse).
  3. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), tools and methods, sampling Internet flow data, etc.
  4. Online monitoring and surveillance on social media (with police), e-discovery (FIOD, NFI, Fox-IT), author profiling and recognition

(Inter)national opportunities for cyber security research: 

  • EU security call: Criminal cases become international and large scale: Research on high performance computing and networking, semi-interactive large-scale filtering, distributed investigation.
  • National opportunities: The NFI-UvA collaboration.

Any other comment about the role of Dutch CS research worthwhile mentioning to the international audience: 

  • Search and analysis methods for both image, text and video award winning in international benchmarking competitions.
  • Extensive informal collaboration networks with private partners and international teams.


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