Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

Funded Cybersecurity Higher Education

Top five research themes (maximum): 

  1. smart card security,
  2. security analysis,
  3. privacy & anonymity,
  4. software security,
  5. quantum computing

(Inter)national opportunities for cyber security research: 

  • International identity management, esp. via the new Privacy and Identity Lab (pilab.nl/index_en.html) and its new IRMA project (irmacard.org);
  • Security evaluation.

Any other comment about the role of Dutch CS research worthwhile mentioning to the international audience: 
In NL we do not have such a strong manufacturing base, but we are very strong in security evaluation, via companies like Riscure, Brightsight, Collis, and via a very active and critical white hacker community. Also, in identity management it is important to work with local people, since identity management is very much culturally determined.

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