Predicting the Next Threat : A Year of Cyberforecasting

dcypher Symposium 2019 connecting cybersecurity knowledge – enterprises - policies

Time: 11:30 – 12:45 
Room: Beam (60) 
Language: English
Chaired by Wim Hafkamp


  • Research @ the NCSC: Past and Future 
    dr. Jeroen van der Ham en dr. Nicole van Deursen, NCSC 
    To keep our country digitally secure, research into cyber security is essential. This presentation will zoom in to the research topics of the NCSC from the last year and it will discuss the priorities of the research group moving forward.
  • Forecasting and Training Cyber Analytical Expertise 
    Regina Joseph, Sibylink
    The cyberforecasting tournament is a research collaboration between NCSC, TNO, and Sibylink. Threats and new forms of attack within the cyber domain develop rapidly. To respond to these trends, cyber security professionals must demonstrate rapid responsiveness, accuracy and a high tolerance for complexity. Open source information can serve as an important source to predict upcoming  cyber threats. Fifty  experts have participated in a forecasting tournament to grow their predicative capabilities using open source information and prepare for the future.

This session is organised in close cooperation with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC