TILT – Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society

Top five research themes (maximum): 

  1. Cybercrime
  2. Cyberinvestigation
  3. Identity Management
  4. Regulatory challenges in cloud computing
  5. Techno-regulation / technology as a regulatory tool


(Inter)national opportunities for cyber security research: 

  • study and compare cyber-attacks and cyber-investigation in multiple jurisdictions
  • investigate strategies to combat cyber-attacks in multi-level governance (national / supranational / international)
  • multidisciplinary research in law, policy, and technology into effective and legitimate strategies for cyber security and cybercrime governance


Education Possibilities

Any other comment about the role of Dutch CS research worthwhile mentioning to the international audience: 

  • strong experience in multidisciplinary research teams across Europe
  • ability to connect Anglo-American with Continental European developments in cyber security and cybercrime regulation
  • good combination of a) high-level academic output (contributing to the body of knowledge) and b) valorisation of research results in policy and practice


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