UT researcher Jair Santanna wins the Dutch finals of FameLab

15 mei 2018

Jair Santanna became the winner of the national final of Famelab last week, gaining the title of ‘the best science communicator in the Netherlands’. As the Dutch champion, the UT scientist will compete in the international finals of FameLab at the UK Cheltenham Science Festival in June.

Can you tell us more about your winning talk?

Santanna: ‘The goal of FameLab is to explain a scientific topic to the general public in an understandable way, so I decided to explain DDoS attacks by comparing them to King’s Day. Imagine that you are in Amsterdam on King’s Day and you need to catch a train that leaves in ten minutes. But you know you can’t make it, because there are so many people blocking the way. Which is basically what happens during a DDoS attack: they overload the network. There is an easy solution for you to catch the train. You could ask God to remove everyone dressed in orange, because those are the people in your way. In case of DDoS attacks, you could ask the “Gods” – the internet providers – to remove everyone blocking the service, because they can recognize them, almost as if they were wearing orange. See. A difficult topic, but an easy explanation.’

Why do you think it’s so important to be able to communicate science?

‘There are so many great research projects, but we as scientists are not trained to speak. We are trained to do research and write papers. But if we have better communication skills, we can make the society greater, because people will actually use our solutions if they can understand them – I collaborate with internet providers, banks, the Dutch cyber police and other organizations. I really love to present and I’m blessed to be able to do it well, but we should invest more in communication skills of our scientists.’

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