The WODC aims to make a professional contribution to development and evaluation of justice policy set by the Netherlands Ministry of Security and Justice.

WODC (the Dutch abbreviation for Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum, in English: Research and Documentation Centre) can best be characterised as an international criminal justice knowledge centre. "Excellence" and "customer-orientation" are the organisation's guiding principles. Its major output is knowledge for the benefit of policy development.

Its scientific contribution to policy development and evaluation comprises:

  • defining the research policy of the Ministry of Security and Justice;
  • assessing the need for expertise and information within the Ministry;
  • advising how much and what kind of research is needed to answer policy-related questions;
  • conducting in-house research;
  • commissioning external research;
  • indicating the possible implications of research findings for standing policy;
  • granting access to official files for research purposes;
  • disseminating information (e.g. publication of magazines, organisation of conferences, etc.)

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